Summon the core

by Tekhton

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Available at Church Within Records:


released January 1, 2007

Music: Tekhton
Lyrics: B.R. Luimstra

Additional keyboards on 'Oxen of the sun' by Rudi



all rights reserved


Tekhton Groningen, Netherlands

Grunniger sludge pioneers.
None heavier!

ok, maybe a few heavier but not many!


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Track Name: Oxen of the sun
Oxen pull the sun from dawn to new day
They plow the dark night away and never see what they create
As they're heading in the same way as they did yesterday

March with the sun on your tails make it turn
New dawn will break on your back make it burn

Head for the west stay on track
Track Name: Terrors in the whale
This shipmates this is that other lesson and woe the pilot of the living God who slights it
Woe to him who seeks to pour oil upon the waters when God himself has brewed them into a gale!

Woe to him who seeks to please rather than to appal! whose good name is more to him than goodness!
Woe to him who would not be true even though to be false were salvation!

Delight is to him who gives no quarter in the truth and kills burns and destroys all sin
and kills burns and destroys all sin

The ribs and terrors in the whale
arched over me a dismal gloom
While all God's sun-lit waves rolled by
and lift me deep down to doom

I saw the opening maw of hell
with endless pains and sorrows there
Which none but they that feel can tell
Oh I was plunging to despair

I have striven to be thine
More than to be myself or my own
And I have given all that was mine
Just to kill burn and destroy all sin
Track Name: Days of doom
These days of doom / were here to soon
The bride and her groom / will stay in their tomb
The sun and the moon / collide afternoon

Whirlwind of lovers, a tempest of hate
Adulterous harlots beware of your fate
Poetic justice, a chafing release
Condemned to each other now we’re deceased

Till death do you part / So near to my heart
gone wrong from the start / your hell is my art
this love you aspire / will get us no higher
the flames you admire / your funeral pyre
Track Name: 031045
Track Name: It is death
It is death! I tell you, it’s death
A warrior sleeps and dies in his bed
It is death! I tell you, it’s death
The fire inside me once burning now dead

On this side of the river they roam
Hanging their heads down in shame
Cowards are marching the waterfront now
Eager to pass in the night
There’s no way back
There’s no way out
they wait

The first circle opens there is no way back
Abandon all hope while you face your death
Enter here slowly come step inside
The light shines from your brilliant minds

It is death! I tell you, it’s death
A warrior sleeps and dies in his bed
It is death! I tell you, it’s death
The fire inside me once burning now dead
Track Name: There be giants
We grew old we grew up
And we never went back
To that place we used to call our home
What has happened to that boy
Has he now become a man
Where’s the wisdom he thought he would have

When we were young we looked up
At adults who seemed to know it all
Now we’re adults ourselves
and we still don’t know which way to fall

I still remember those days
With all colours, no grey
The grey crept under my skin
Down to my soul, I won’t let it in

Is there a meaning to life
Or do we just hang on
I have no answers at all
So I can’t be wrong
Track Name: Apocalypse Machine
Seemingly motionless doom machines
Linger in shadows of purgatory
Black blood it runs through our arteries
Feeding on my human batteries

We’re just machines
Trying to get by
We’re just machines
Robot’s with lives

Your world has died